Requesting Accommodation Letters

At the beginning of each semester, you are responsible for notifying professors of any need for accommodation in a course. See steps for requesting accommodations letters below. Please note that accommodations are not guaranteed if you do not follow these steps.

Steps for Requesting Accommodation Letters

  1. Request a Faculty Notification Letters for each course in which you need accommodations. Log in to SDS Online Services to request your letters. We will need at least two business days for your letters to be prepared.
  2. Pick up your Faculty Notification Letters from the SDS office. Bring your Cornell ID.
  3. Meet with your instructors or course coordinators to give them the Faculty Notification Letters and to discuss how accommodations will best work for each course.

You are required to give your instructors timely notice about your accommodations so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Deliver your letters as early in the semester as possible. We recommend within the first two weeks of the course. 

Questions or Concerns?

If you have concerns or questions about how you are being accommodated, please contact your counselor or contact the SDS office immediately. We will work with you to address your questions or concerns with the appropriate faculty or staff members. It is important to address accommodation concerns as they arise.