Requesting Accommodation Letters

Once you have registered with SDS and been approved for academic accommodations, you can use the steps below to request an accommodation letter be sent to your instructor(s) with formal notice of your approved accommodations. You are responsible for notifying your course instructor(s) of any need for accommodations with appropriate advance notice (we recommend within the first two weeks of the course) so that they have time to arrange for the accommodations in their course. 

Law Students: The accommodation process is different. Refer to your accommodation approval letter from the Law School for specific instructions. 

Steps for Requesting Accommodation Letters

  1. Log in to SDS Online Services
  2. You may be prompted acknowledge some information before proceeding (listed under "Action Required").
  3. After, you will see a list of your courses on that page. Select the courses where you would like accommodation letters.
  4. Click on “Step 2 – Continue to Customize Your Accommodations”
  5. Going class by class, select the accommodations you want to use for each class.
  6. Click on “Submit You Accommodation Request”
  7. Your letters will be emailed to your instructors within two business days. You will receive a copy of the letters emailed to you as well.
  8. Check your course syllabus. If your instructors have designated a person who will be managing accommodations in that course, then be sure to share a copy of the letter with them. You will need to share a copy of the letter with any other course staff who may need it who were not listed on the letter (e.g., lab instructors, section leaders).

Requesting a New/Revised Accommodation Letter

Follow this process below if you need to change which accommodations are on your letter in specific course:

  1. Log in to SDS Online Services
  2. Scroll down to the course, and click “Modify Request” 
  3. Select the desired checkboxes for your accommodations and click “Update Request”
  4. Your instructor will be sent an updated letter within two business days. You will be sent a copy as well. Be sure to share that updated letter with your course staff, as appropriate.

Your letters may be sent with the original date of your accommodation request. Be aware that course staff are not obligated to apply these new accommodations retroactively to deadlines, exams, etc. that have already passed.

You can only add or change accommodations which are already part of your accommodation plan. Contact us if you have concerns about your accommodation plan.

Cancelling an Accommodation Letter

If you want to cancel one of your accommodation letters:

  1. Log in to SDS Online Services
  2. Scroll down to the course, and click “Cancel Request” 
  3. You will be prompted to specify a reason for cancelling (e.g., dropping a course, no longer need the accommodation in that course, etc.)
  4. Select “Cancel Accommodation Request”
  5. Your instructor(s) will be notified by email within two business days. You will be sent notice as well. 

Questions or Concerns?

If you have concerns or questions about how you are being accommodated, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to address your questions or concerns with the appropriate faculty or staff members. It is important to address accommodation concerns as they arise.