Dietary Accommodations

Dining on campus looks different given the current pandemic. If you have any access concerns, please reach out to us. 

We recognize that there are variety of health conditions that may impact your food choices. We are happy to discuss your dietary requirements and dining accommodations with you. We can work with you to identify the appropriate campus referrals for notification and assistance with dietary management throughout all aspects of your academic and campus life.

Cornell Dining has taken many steps to be allergy-friendly and inclusive, including having a wide variety of options in each dining facility (including gluten-free options). The foods in the Residential Dining Halls are labeled for major food allergens: milk, eggs, fish, nuts, peanuts, soy, shellfish, and sesame. They are also labeled for gluten. Other nutrition information is posted online.

If you are requesting dining accommodations or program modifications to access dietary options (i.e. you are unable to eat off the line due to concerns about cross-contact; are allergic to a food that is not labeled for; or require specific meal preparations for other reasons), it will be necessary to register with SDS so we can engage with you and Cornell Dining to facilitate this access.  

There is always the possibility of accidental exposure to foods which may result in a reaction. This risk can be greatly reduced on campus when we work together to manage the risk.    

Actions You Should Take

  • Complete our Disability Self-Disclosure Form 
  • Submit appropriate documentation supporting your need for dietary accommodations  
  • Complete a Dietary Allergy, Intolerance, and Needs Notification Form (pdf) and submit to us (SDS). This will allow us to connect you to the appropriate Cornell Dining staff to discuss your dietary requirements and create an appropriate dining access plan.   
  • Inform SDS if you have concerns about food or allergy exposure in your academic courses or your residence hall. 
  • Inform SDS, or Cornell Dining at, if any of the following occur to ensure issues can be resolved in a timely manner: 
    • You experience a reaction in any Cornell dining venues; 
    • You encounter any access barriers while engaging in dining venues or with your established dietary accommodation plan; or 
    • You experience problems enacting your established dietary plan. 

University’s Actions

  • SDS will refer you to the appropriate Cornell Dining staff to create a dietary accommodation plan. 
  • Cornell Dining will inform the appropriate Cornell-owned dining locations.
    (Note: Not all dining venues on campus are operated by Cornell Dining). 
  • If living on campus, SDS can inform your residential staff regarding food allergies that could result in an emergency.  
  • SDS and Cornell Dining will review dietary accommodation plan with you if a reaction is reported or if you have other concerns. 
  • Cornell Dining will check in with you periodically to evaluate your dietary plan and any need for changes to best accommodate your needs.