Exam Accommodations

Using Exam Accommodations 

You are responsible for informing your instructors about your need for exam accommodations. We encourage you to send your Accommodation Letter to your instructors within the first two weeks of the semester (or as early as possible) so that they have adequate time to work with you to make arrangements. 

Arrangements for exams may differ for each class. You are responsible for understanding the procedures within each class and communicating with your professor if you have questions or concerns. 


If your accommodation involves the use of technology during exams, discuss it with your instructor. If you need to borrow a laptop from Student Disability Services (SDS) for your exam, you should submit a Laptop Loan Request Form well in advance. If any technology-related issues arise during your exam, notify your instructor and SDS as soon as possible. 

Reduced-Distraction Environment 

If you have been approved to take your exams in a reduced-distraction environment, your instructor will inform you about the time and location of the exam. You are responsible for following up with them if you have questions or have not heard from them about the time or place. 

The term “reduced-distraction environment” refers to the provision of a testing environment that would be less distracting than the main exam room. This does not mean a private room. There may be other students requiring accommodations taking exams in the same room. Contact your instructor and/or your SDS counselor if you have questions or concerns about the location of your exam.

Conflicts with Exams

Review your course syllabi early in the semester to determine if you might have any potential conflicts with your exams. You are responsible for providing notice to your instructor as soon as possible of any potential exam conflicts.

Your use of testing accommodations must not interfere with attending classes. Your instructors are responsible for arranging an alternate time for you to take your exam using extended-time accommodations if your class schedule conflicts with the time the exam will be administered. If you experience any difficulty making exam arrangements with your instructor, please contact your SDS counselor immediately.