Faculty Portal

SDS Faculty Portal

What is this?

The SDS Faculty Portal provides a means for course instructors to view copies of the Accommodation Letters for the students in their courses. Original copies are emailed to you after a student's accommodations are approved by SDS for your course (review Managing Accommodations for more information). 

This Faculty Portal handily keeps all the information in one place. It also stays up to date with information from the Registrar’s Office, to help keep track of which students with accommodations are currently enrolled in your courses and which have dropped the course. 

Log In

Log-in to the SDS Faculty Portal

Use your NetID and password to log in. You will only be able to use this system if you are a Cornell faculty member with an active Cornell NetID.

Using the Portal

You will be able to view your students’ approved disability accommodations or services in your courses (by clicking “View” next to the student’s name). This is the same information that is contained in the Accommodation Letters that were emailed to you. 

Note: If a student has not requested an Accommodation Letter from our office, or if it has not yet been approved, that student’s information will not be accessible through this portal. You will only have access to student information that the student has requested be released in the form of a letter to you and it has been approved by SDS. Students are still expected to have a conversation about their needed accommodations and services in your course.

Click "Export Data: Students" to download a list of students and their accommodations. 

If a student in your course gets approved for additional accommodations or services, those would also appear in the portal.

If you do not see any student information after logging in, it means that you do not currently have any students with disabilities who have approved academic accommodations or services for your course(s).

How do I add access for others?

If you have an additional instructor for the course that needs to be added (or TA, course support staff), here is how to do so:

  1. Log in to the SDS Faculty Portal
  2. Review the information on the screen and select "Continue to View Student Accommodations"
  3. Note that the system will show the current term. If you need to add someone for a future term, click "Next Term."
  4. Click "Add Instructor" at the left side of the page.
  5. For each class/lecture:
    • Select the appropriate lecture from the drop down (you can skip discussion sections/lab sections that are component parts of courses; you only need to choose the primary part of the course)
    • For "type" choose "Add Additional Instructor to the Course"
    • Enter the person's name
    • Enter the person's Cornell email address
    • Click "Add Instructor"
  6. It will take up to three business days for the system to process the request.

Note: added faculty/staff will receive future copies of all accommodation letters in your course for that semester and will be able to see accommodation letters in the portal. Use a high level of discretion when adding access. As the faculty member, you are responsible for whom you grant access. 


If you have questions about using this portal, please contact our office at: sds_cu@cornell.edu.