Accommodations Procedures

Once you have been approved by Student Disability Services to receive access accommodations, it is your responsibility to understand and follow established procedures for using your accommodations.

Academic Accommodations

If you receive classroom accommodations, you will need to request an Accommodation Letter from SDS within the first two weeks of classes, or at least two weeks before accommodations are expected to begin (if accommodations were granted or modified once the semester has started). 

  • You will need to do this each semester
  • You must do this for each class for which you want to use your approved academic accommodations.
  • The letter verifies your registration with SDS and specifies accommodations you are eligible to receive.
  • Accommodations may not be provided retroactively.
  • Letters will be emailed directly by SDS to your instructors. You will receive a copy.

Early notification and active communication with instructors is the best way to ensure that your accommodations are handled smoothly.

There are specific procedures for certain accommodations:

Note: Students at the Law School follow a different process for using approved academic accommodations. Please reference the information sent to you by us and the Law School regarding your accommodations.


SDS will notify the housing office about approved accommodations and/or will follow up with you about any next steps. For disability housing accommodations in future years, please reference information on our Housing page about continuing accommodations.

Disability housing accommodations involving animals have additional procedures.

Other Procedures

Review the information in this section (see side menu), as well as all information we emailed to you, to make sure you are aware of all procedures for using specific accommodations.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Review your right and responsibilities as a student with a disability. It is your responsibility to reach out to us if you have any questions with using your approved accommodations.