Through an interactive process, Student Disability Services (SDS) determines eligibility for accessible format materials as an accommodation. Once you have met with your SDS counselor, and have been approved to receive accessible formats of course materials, you will receive an email with information on how to submit your requests. You will also have an opportunity to complete and submit the Assistive Technology Intake Form (pdf)

Steps for Receiving Accessible Formats of Course Material 

  1. Sign in to SDS Online ServicesYou will be prompted to read and digitally sign an Electronic Text Distribution Agreement. This agreement outlines your responsibilities as a student who is approved for the alternative formats accommodations, and our responsibility to provide accessible formats to you.  
  2. Click on “Alternative Formats” to begin requesting material. You will see a list of the classes you are registered for and the corresponding materials list. Please select only the material you need in an accessible format. Due to the potentially lengthy process of conversion, we recommend that you submit your requests as soon as possible, even before you have finalized your course schedule. However, the request should be received by SDS at least four weeks before the material is needed, if possible. Contact us if you have concerns. 
  3. Submit receipts for requested material. SDS works with publishers, and other third party vendors, to obtain electronic versions of textbooks and other materials, when available. We are required to obtain proof of purchase for any published content. We will email you to request your receipt once the material is available and ready for download. For quicker delivery of accessible material, please submit your receipts in advance of our email request. Please send proof of purchase to
  4. Bring in copies of your course packets and/or text material as requested. If your requested material is not available from the publisher, we will contact you to ask for a hard copy of the material. We use the hard copy you provide to create your accessible copy of the material. As part of the process, we remove the binding (spine) of the book. For that reason, please make sure you own the book that you provide us, and that it is not a rented or borrowed text. SDS is not responsible for the replacement costs of rented material. Books that are cut to make your accessible copy are re-bound using plastic combs. These books cannot be resold to the campus store. 
  5. Your digital accessible material will be provided to you through Cornell Box, or it will be available to be picked up from our office as an enlarged hard copy or Braille document, as needed.