Get Accessible Course Materials

Student Disability Services (SDS) determines eligibility for accessible format materials as an accommodation. Use the process below once you have been approved for this accommodation. Contact us if you would like to see if this accommodation is appropriate for you.

Requesting Accessible Format Course Materials

  1. Sign in to SDS Online Services.  
    • Once logged in, you may be prompted to sign our SDS Agreement(s) before you can proceed. 
  2. Request accommodations for your courses. 
    • Scroll down to see your list of courses.  
    • Select each class, then on the next screen select the accommodations you need for that class, and then submit. 
    • If you are still deciding which accommodations are appropriate for the course, you can request your accessible format accommodations now and go back to modify your accommodations later on. 
    • If you do not see your courses listed, you can still request materials (see Step 5 below). 
  3. Click on “Alternative Formats.”  
  4. Request materials in the courses listed.  
    • Make sure you are looking at the correct semester (click “Next Term” to see next semester). 
    • You will see a list of the classes you are registered for and the corresponding materials list. Classes will not appear if you did not complete Step 2 (above). 
    • Please select only the materials you need in an accessible format, then submit the request. 
  5. If you do not see your class textbook listed:
    If you need to request other accessible format course materials:
    If your class was not listed:  
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says: “Reading Materials.” You can enter a custom request here.  
    • If your class does not show (and you are on the correct semester), you can select “Non-Class Materials” and specify the course information in the notes of the request 
    • If your materials are from Canvas, enter: “Canvas Readings” as the “Reading Material Title.” SDS will send you a follow up email with instructions on how to submit your materials.
  6. Submit receipts for requested textbooks.  
  7. SDS will send you a link to a Box folder where you can download your materials once completed.  
    • Alternately, if you will be receiving a hard copy of your materials, we will contact you when it is completed. 

If your classes do not appear in our system, you can still request materials at any time by selecting the correct semester and using the Reading Materials (custom request) field. Just select Non-Class Materials, even if it is for a class.  

If you have any questions, are having trouble uploading files, or need to talk about receiving a hard copy of your materials, please email us at