Get Started

Cornell values diversity and inclusion within its campus community and seeks to provide an affirming environment for all its students. Student Disability Services (SDS) provides the opportunity for you to disclose your disability status, as well as to request any needed accommodations or services. You are an important part of Cornell and we are here to support you in your success. 

Steps to Register With SDS

  1. Complete a Disability Self-Disclosure Form
    • Any information or documentation you can readily share can be included or uploaded with the form. 
    • Review our documentation guidelines to learn what information is helpful to share.
    • Documentation does not have to be provided at this time, if you do not have access to it. 
  2. Meet with an SDS Counselor
    • You will be assigned an SDS counselor who will reach out to schedule a meeting to learn more about you and the impact of your disability. They can meet with you in person or virtually.  
    • Your SDS Counselor will work with you to create an accommodation plan (if needed). When they meet with you, they will let you know if additional information or documentation is needed to create this plan.

Note: You can register with SDS even if you do not need an accommodation plan at this time.

Additional Information

  • For requests involving housing, please be aware that we have certain deadlines due to the timing of housing placements.
  • If your request involves an emotional support animal, please be aware that we may have some specific forms for you to complete as well. Your SDS Counselor will share that information when they meet with you. You are also welcome to contact our office to schedule a time to meet with an SDS Counselor before starting this process.
  • You can also register if you are seeking accommodations for your teaching assistant duties or other student job responsibilities due to a disability or health concern.
  • We also have information on other accommodations and services that you can read to learn more.

How Long Does This Process Take?

For current students: After you submit your Self-Disclosure Form, it can take up to three weeks for your SDS Counselor to contact you.

For incoming Cornell students: we look forward to following up with you in the coming months. 

If you are requesting accommodations or services, it is helpful for us to hear from you early. Certain accommodations can take a few weeks to put into place (such as sign language interpreting or document conversion) and others rely on making advance arrangements with your course staff (such as exam accommodations). 

The sooner we can start working with you on an accommodation plan, the more likely it will be in place by the time you need it.