Notetaking Assistance

Class notes

If you have already been approved to receive notetaking assistance as an accommodation:

  1. Request accommodation letters for your course(s)
  2. Speak with your instructor(s) to see if they have notes that can be provided.
  3. If not, you can request notetaking assistance for a course from SDS by completing the online request form.

Notetaking assistance can be provided if your disability affects your ability to capture lecture material. This is determined using an interactive process with you, your SDS counselor, and (as needed) your instructor. It is reviewed on a class- by-class basis, based on:

  • how the course is taught
  • how your disability affects your ability to capture the lecture material
  • what course materials are provided by the instructor to support learning in the course

Notetaking assistance is provided in a few different ways based on the nature of your access needs. You and your SDS counselor will determine the appropriate notetaking option for you. 

Any notes and/or recordings provided are for your use only and are not to be shared with other individuals. You may be asked to sign an agreement stating the terms of use of video or audio recordings.