Notetaking Assistance

Notetaking assistance can be provided if your disability affects your ability to capture lecture material. If you are approved for this accommodation, assistance can be provided in a few different ways based on the nature of your access needs. The SDS Notetaking Coordinator will work with you to determine the most appropriate option(s) for you. 

You will be provided access to certain notetaking technologies by SDS. If the technology provided does not meet your accommodation needs, peer notetaking may be considered. Requests for peer notes are approved on a class-by-class basis, based on: 

  • how the course is taught 
  • how your disability affects your ability to capture the lecture material 
  • what course materials are provided by the instructor 

If you have already been approved to have a peer notetaker accommodation, you can request one for a course by completing the peer notetaker request form.

If you will be using notetaking assistance in any of your courses, remember to request your accommodation letters at the start of each semester. This notifies your instructors of your accommodations.

Once approved for notetaking assistance, you are allowed to audio record in your classes. This is communicated to your instructors in your accommodation letter. Occasionally, recording may not be allowed if a course lecture includes students sharing on sensitive topics. If this is the case, the professor will let you and/or SDS know. We will help explore other ways of meeting your notetaking needs in that class.  

Any notes or recordings provided are for your use only and are not to be shared with other individuals.