ATP Information for Students

The Alternative Testing Program (ATP) is an exam support program managed by Student Disability Services (SDS) and supported by the Vice Provost’s Office for Undergraduate Education. It provides logistical assistance for participating classes by centralizing administration of accommodated exams.

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The Alternative Testing Program

The Alternative Testing Program (ATP) is a program that supports faculty and students on their accommodated exams.

If you are a student enrolled in an ATP-participating class, this is how exams work:

  1. You are approved for an exam accommodation by Student Disability Services
  2. You inform faculty of your approved exam accommodations (by requesting your accommodation letters via SDS Online Services)
  3. SDS-ATP staff will enroll you for your accommodated exams in SDS Online Services

You can at any time log in to SDS Online Services to check the status of your accommodations. By entering the “Alternative Testing” section of the Student Portal, you may also review your current schedule of exams for classes participating in the ATP.

How do I know if I this applies to me?

Check the Master List of ATP Classes. This list is continually updated. If you’re enrolled in a class listed here and been approved for exam accommodations, you’ll be taking ATP exams if you wish to use your exam accommodations.

Do I have to take an ATP exam?

No. If you do not want to use your approved exam accommodations, you will take your exam as regularly scheduled by your professor. Only students wishing to utilize their approved exam accommodations take ATP exams.

When are accommodated exams held?

Students with exam accommodations take their exams at the same time as the rest of their class (usually, the class time). So if a class is scheduled to take their exam at 9:00am, the accommodated exam will be held at 9:00am as well, just in a different room. Any extra time will be added on at the end.

What if I can’t take the accommodated exam at the scheduled time?

If you have an academic conflict (for example, have another class right after) which prevents you from using your extra time accommodations, you can request to take the exam at a conflict time. This time will be one pre-selected by your instructor and will be either 8am and/or 5pm the same day. If you are unable to take your exam at the same time as your class, it is your responsibility to submit a request in SDS Online Services.

How do I request a conflict exam?

Conflict exams may be requested by logging in to the SDS Online Services, selecting “Alternative Testing” on the left-hand column, selecting the class from the drop-down menu, then submitting an exam conflict request for the exam you need to reschedule. See detailed instructions in the ATP Student Guide.

Why don't I see my exam scheduled?

Please note that during the first two weeks of classes, SDS-ATP staff are actively enrolling students in exams and your exam may not yet have populated or be viewable in SDS Online Services.

If you do not see your exam listed, please ensure that:

  • You have informed your faculty of your approved accommodations (that is, “sent your letters” via SDS Online Services). We can’t enroll you in exams until this happens
  • Your class is participating in ATP.

If your letters have already been sent, then we are actively working on enrolling you in your exam(s) and you should see them in SDS Online Services no later than 10 days prior to your exam date(s).

I have questions or need more help. Who do I contact?

Please review the resources below. These resources will be continually updated throughout the first few weeks of class. If you still have questions or need additional help, email

  • New 8/22: ATP Student Guide: review this to understand how exams work in ATP classes and for instructions on submitting conflict exam requests.