Laptops for Exams

Laptop Request Form


Remember to reserve your laptop at least five days in advance! 

If you have been approved to use a computer during exams, you can borrow a laptop from Student Disability Services (SDS).

Requesting a Laptop

Reservations for laptops must be made at least five business days in advance of scheduled exam. The weekend does not count as business days.

To reserve a laptop, complete the online laptop request form. TAs, instructors, and course administrators can also reserve a laptop for a student by using that same form.

Picking Up/Returning a Laptop

Laptops are intended to be used for one exam, and to be picked up on the day of the exam. We will communicate information about picking up and returning the laptop in the confirmation email. 

Using a single laptop for multiple exams, or picking up a laptop on a different day than the exam, is not allowed without prior approval by SDS. Permission may be requested by contacting our office at A decision will be conveyed via email within two business days. 

Please ensure the laptop is powered off before it is returned.

Unreturned or Damaged Laptops

If the borrowed equipment is not returned by the due date, or if it is returned in damaged condition, a hold may be placed on your record by the University Registrar preventing you from enrolling in courses, registering with the University, or obtaining transcripts until the matter is resolved. The matter may also be referred to the Judicial Administrator. You can also be billed for its cost.

Laptop Software/Hardware Configuration

Laptops have Microsoft Office suite installed. The wireless internet capabilities have been disabled. Students who need internet access for an exam must have the instructor submit this in writing at least two business days before the laptop is needed. An email to from the instructor or other course supervisor is acceptable. 

Specific software may be requested when reserving a laptop.

Use of Laptop

Each laptop comes with a battery charger and a SDS USB drive. Students are prohibited from saving exams to any personal device from this computer. Save the exam to the SDS-provided USB drive AND to the desktop of computer (unless instructed differently by exam proctor). Files left on the laptop are subject to deletion. Please remember to give the USB drive with your exam on it to your proctor.

SDS laptops cannot be used for personal study reasons. They are for exams only.