Laptops are available for loan to students who have been granted computer access for exams/quizzes as an accommodation by Student Disability Services (SDS).  Reservations for laptops should be made at least five (5) business days in advance of the exam date.

Equipment is due back the morning of the next business day.  Requests for extending the check-out period must be made at the time of reservation.

If you have not yet formally registered with SDS please call 607-254-4545 to make an appointment.

Laptop Request Form - Please complete once for each request.

Please remember to take any academic accommodations into account that may impact the date/time of your exam.

All laptops must be picked up on the day of the exam.  Exceptions will be made with professor/TA approval.
Pick-up is available from 8:15am-4:15pm.  See below for special arrangements.

By submitting this form, you agree to abide by the Code of Academic Integrity, the Campus Code of Conduct, and SDS Laptop Loan Procedures.

Violations will be reported to the instructor.

Please press the submit button only once.  You will be sent a confirmation web page.  You will also receive an e-mail confirmation.

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