Fundamental Alteration Reviews  

Fundamental Alteration Review Process

  • You (as the instructor) or your designee are required to provide all approved accommodations listed in each Accommodation Letter.
  • If there is concern that an accommodation is unreasonable to a course, you must email SDS with responses to the questions below in order to have it reviewed by a committee before discontinuing the accommodation. 
  • The review committee will consist of a combined group of knowledgeable and trained individuals at the university, including within the program and SDS. 
  • Until the accommodation is determined to be a fundamental alteration through committee review, it is legally required to be provided. 
  • This process should be conducted on a case-by-case basis for each concern and not be denied as a blanket statement or policy regarding any accommodation. 
  • Contact SDS with any questions related to the fundamental alteration review process:

Fundamental Alteration Questionnaire 

  1. What is the overall purpose of the course? 
  2. What are the prerequisites or other background knowledge needed? 
  3. What core learning outcomes/expectations are stated on the syllabus and required of all students? 
  4. What specific knowledge, principles, skills or concepts must be mastered and demonstrated? 
  5. What aspects/requirements constitute a significant component of the learning process? 
  6. Could an alternative achieve the same result? 
  7. What are the essential methods of instruction which are fundamental to the nature of the course? 
  8. Are any methods of instruction non-negotiable?  
  9. Do other sections use other methods of instruction?