ATP Information for Faculty

The Alternative Testing Program (ATP) is a pilot program through the OVPUE and SDS to provide centralized support for testing accommodations.

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Fall 2023 Participation Timeline

  • Faculty that have requested support for Fall 2023 ATP via a Qualtrics survey will receive confirmation of their participation, as well as detailed next step instructions on August 4, 2023.
  • Once faculty receive confirmation of participation, they will be invited to provide general exam instructions t via the SDS Faculty Portal. Providing this information is essential, as it provides us with the information needed to properly administer exams (e.g. exam dates, duration). Faculty & course staff must provide their exam details and instructions via Exam Instruction Form in the SDS Faculty Portal  no later than August 16, 2023.
  • Faculty and course support staff listed as “instructors” in the SDS Faculty Portal for participating ATP classes will receive a semester-overview email specific to their course exams no later than September 13, 2023. This message will outline their expected exam schedule (date , time, and location) for the semester.

New for Fall 2023

At the end of each semester, the program gathers valuable feedback from participating faculty, course staff, students, and proctors. This input forms the basis for future changes and informs program development. As a result of Spring 2023 feedback, the following improvements  have been implemented for Fall 2023:

  • Students will no longer be required to request individual exams via their Student Portal. All students who have been approved for exam accommodations (“sent their letters”) will automatically be enrolled by the ATP into all eligible ATP exams.  Please note that it will take some time to register all students in participating classes for all eligible exams at the beginning of the semester. Students must still notify their instructors of their accommodations by requesting their accommodation letters from SDS during the first two weeks of the semester. The ATP cannot auto-enroll students into any accommodated exams until letters have been requested and sent to faculty. Students with academic conflicts for DAYTIME exams will be able to request taking their exam at either 8am or 5pm, depending on faculty selection. When completing the exam instruction form,  faculty will be required to select at least one conflict exam time to support students with academic conflicts for daytime exams. The options provided will be 8am, 5pm, or both on the same day as the scheduled exam.
  • Instead of a single early semester deadline for accommodated exam enrollments, there will be a per-exam deadline of 10 calendar days prior to each exam date for students to request a conflict exam ONLY if their scheduled exam conflicts due to academic reasons.  
  • Faculty will now receive a semester overview summary of their course exam schedule no later than 2 weeks after the start of classes. This will provide a confirmed, detailed list of a course’s accommodated exams, including date, time and location as available. Final exam support information will be provided once OUR publishes the final exam schedule mid-semester.
  • Faculty will now receive rolling reminders of their upcoming SDS-supported exams at least one week prior to the exam date. This reminder will include exam location, date, time, and list of students and their approved/requested accommodations.
  • Completed exams will be returned to faculty as follows:
    • Faculty will always be able to pick up completed exams from the exam location directly from proctors at the conclusion of the exam.
    • If exams are not picked up from the exam location at the conclusion of the exam, proctors will securely store them overnight in Cornell Health.
    • The morning after the exam, completed exams may be picked up in person by faculty or their designee from the Day Hall lobby circulation desk from 9am - 12 noon. Everyone picking up exams must show a Cornell ID and sign for the exams in order to complete pickup.
    • Exams not picked up by 12 noon will be securely stored overnight at Cornell Health and be available the next day back at the Day Hall lobby circulation desk from 9am - 12 noon.

ATP Resource Links

The following information will be helpful for course faculty and staff in managing their ATP participation.

  • ATP Quick Guide - a guide for faculty in filling out their exam instruction form via their SDS Faculty Portal.
  • ATP Participating Classes - list of participating classes, frequently updated throughout the semester.
  • ATP Faculty FAQs - updated list of FAQs for faculty regarding all aspects of ATP participation and management.
  • ATP Canvas Sample - a sample Canvas announcement for faculty to use to share with students regarding ATP participation.
  • ATP PowerPoint Slide Sample - a sample slide that may be shown or shared with students during class.
  • ATP Syllabus Sample Statement - a sample syllabus statement for faculty to include in their course syllabus.