ATP Information for Faculty

The Alternative Testing Program (ATP) is a pilot program through the OVPUE and SDS to provide centralized support for testing accommodations.

Learn more about the Alternative Testing Program (ATP).


SDS-ATP Spring 2024 Open Hour

Every Friday 12:00pm-1:00pm

SDS-ATP program staff hold a regular “open hour” Zoom session Fridays from 12:00pm-1:00pm throughout the semester. Drop in anytime during the hour with questions on:

  • Alternative Testing Program policies & procedures
  • Your class exams/schedules
  • General information about exams
  • General information about accommodations
  • One-on-one walkthrough of the SDS Faculty Portal

No reservation/confirmation is necessary. Join the Zoom meeting Fridays anytime between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.

Please note that while we can discuss accommodations in general, we will not be able to answer questions regarding specific student accommodations. However, you may reach out to SDS ( with questions on specific students.  

New for Spring 2024

Several new changes are in effect for the Spring 2024 affecting both faculty, students, and staff:  

  • Students will automatically be enrolled for all eligible exams after they request their accommodation letters. As always, each student approved by SDS for accommodations must still provide notice to faculty regarding their accommodations in each course they would like to utilize their accommodations. Students who do so will automatically be enrolled for all ATP-supported exams in that class.   
  • Makeup exams will be supported. Students will need to separately request a makeup exam. Makeup exams must be requested by students via their SDS Student Services page. 
  • Proctor assignments will now be available ahead of time and will be shared in the Proctor Assignments Document. This page will be dynamically updated in real time to include all proctors assigned to each exam, their email, and telephone number. Proctors will no longer reach out to faculty separately ahead of time. Please note that proctor assignments can change up to the day of the exam so all faculty are encouraged to review their proctor assignments on the day of the exam for final confirmation of their proctors.  
  • Students who are approved to use a computer during exams must now request them using the SDS Laptop Request form at least 5 days prior to the exam date. This change is necessary to ensure that all students who need to use a computer have access to them.  
  • Faculty will continue to receive reminders of their upcoming exams two weeks and two days ahead the scheduled exam date. An email will be sent to all faculty and staff listed in each class as instructors in the SDS Faculty Portal. This email contains each student, their exam location, exam time, and requested accommodations.  
  • Completed exams will continue to be returned to faculty as follows
    • Faculty will always be able to pick up completed exams from the exam location directly from proctors at the conclusion of the exam.  
    • If exams are not picked up from the exam location at the conclusion of the exam, proctors will securely store them overnight in Cornell Health. 
    • The morning after the exam, completed exams may be picked up in person by faculty or their designee from the Day Hall lobby circulation desk from 9am - 12 noon weekdays. Everyone picking up exams must show a Cornell ID and sign for the exams in order to complete pickup. 
    • Exams not picked up by 12 noon will be securely stored overnight at Cornell Health and be available the next weekday back at the Day Hall lobby circulation desk from 9am - 12 noon. 

Spring 2024 Participation Timeline

  • Faculty that have requested support for Spring 2024 ATP via the sign-up form will automatically receive an email confirmation of their participation upon completion of the survey. 
  • The deadline for requesting support depends on your first class exam:  
    • If your first exam is prior to February 13, 2024 – the deadline was Friday, January 12, 2024.  
    • If your first exam is February 13, 2024 – the deadline was Friday, January 26, 2024.  
  • Information collected from the sign-up form will be populated into the SDS Faculty Portal – faculty/staff will not need to separately fill out exam instruction forms. Faculty/staff should only need to access their exam instruction forms to provide updates to their instructions, exam dates, and to provide final exam dates once published by OUR.