Assistive Technology Resources

Student using a laptop outside

There are many accessibility features in Microsoft Office products. Cornell students have free access to Microsoft Office!

This is a list of free, low cost, or built-in assistive technology resources that can be utilized by anyone.

Text-to-Speech (text read aloud)

Recommended for users that benefit from having basic text read aloud. These programs will allow you to see text on the screen and hear the text read aloud. These programs also track the words that are read so you stay on pace with the information. 

Screen Readers (reads everything on the screen - no monitor required) 

Recommended for users that require audio cues in order to operate computer/laptop functions and have text material read aloud. Extensive training may be required to successfully and fully operate these programs. 

Speech-to-Text (type with your voice) 

Recommended for users that benefit from being able to speak aloud and have a software program type out what is being said. 

Captions and Transcription 

For users who want to read a text transcription of spoken audio, in a video, or in real time. 

Sign Language Interpreting

  • SignUp (interpreting for specific movies)

Audio Recording 

Recommended for users that benefit from audio recordings for later reference. Please note class recording requires permission from faculty or accommodations through SDS. 

Reading Tools 

Writing Tools 

Note Taking Tools 

  • One Note (app, desktop; free with Microsoft account)

Multiple Accessibility Features 

Converting Documents into Alternate Formats (Word, ePub, MP3, etc.) 

Time Management/Focus