SDS Lending Library

A range of books available in the SDS Lending Library

Student Disability Services (SDS) has had the good fortune to receive a gift from Rhonda Carniol '79 to develop a lending library of materials on disability for the Cornell Community in the memory of her mother, Diane Carniol. This is a fitting tribute to a dedicated educator who helped her students recognize and reach their true potential.

The lending library is a growing collection of books and materials on disability topics. These resources have been chosen to expand our knowledge of how disability fits into the spectrum of the college experience. We welcome you to borrow from our library and hope you will continue to check back with us as our collection grows. 


View the SDS Lending Library online, or visit it in person to browse our shelves.

We have titles on: 

  • identity
  • neurodiversity
  • disability history
  • disability culture
  • disability studies
  • media studies
  • Deaf culture
  • chronic illness

... and more!

We have many different types of titles, such as:

  • anthologies
  • graphic novels
  • novels
  • poetry
  • memoirs
  • nonfiction

... all featuring a diversity of disabled voices, including Cornell authors!

Digital copies of certain titles are already available. Additionally, some titles are also available through the Cornell Library system. View the SDS Lending Library online for more information.


You can find the SDS Library in The Student Disability Services and Student Advocacy Suite on Level 5 of Cornell Health (110 Ho Plaza). Visit us there to check out a title.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any title suggestions, or would like to access one of the books in an alternate format: