Disability Representatives

Disability Representatives serve as liaisons between Student Disability Services (SDS) and the colleges and various campus offices regarding disability issues. They assist faculty and staff with the coordination of some accommodations and provide information to students and colleagues about SDS. Collaboration between the Disability Representatives and SDS results in improved access in a supportive community for students with disabilities.

College Disability Representatives

Agriculture and Life Sciences
Rhonda Todd
140 Roberts Hall; 607-255-2257

Architecture, Art and Planning
Shea Kytomaa
235 Sibley Hall; 607-255-4376

Arts and Sciences    
Catherine (Cat) Ramirez
Klarman Hall KG17; 607-255-5004

Bowers CIS (Computing and Information Science)
Ingrid Jensen

Brooks School of Public Policy
Jen Wright

Cornell Tech
Jacqueline Klein
Student Services office; 646-971-3778

Liane Fitzgerald
180 Rhodes Hall; 607-255-7414

Graduate School    
Janna Lamey
350D Caldwell Hall; 607-255-5184

Human Ecology
Darryl Scott
1220 MVR; 607-255-5471

Industrial and Labor Relations
Dominic Tribelli
101 Ives Hall; 607-255-2223

Law School
Marcie Purcell
126 Hughes Hall; 607-255-8398

SC Johnson - Dyson School of Economics  
Andrea Poag
B34 Warren Hall; 607-255-5652

SC Johnson - Graduate School of Management
Nicole Pellegrino
106 Sage Hall; 607-255-4793

SC Johnson - Nolan School of Hotel Administration
Laura Ricciuti
180 Statler Hall; 607-255-9393

Veterinary Medicine    
Jai Sweet
S2009 Schurman Hall; 607-253-3834

Continuing Education and Summer Sessions
Janna Dawn
B20 Day Hall; 607-255-6203

Disability Representatives in Other Campus Offices

ADA Coordinator for Facilities and Campus Services 
Andrea Haenlin-Mott
116 Humphries Service Building; 607-255-5150

Athletics & Physical Education    
Devan Carrington

Campus and Community Engagement (Residential Life, Dining)    
Kyle Schillace
526 Willard Straight Hall; 607-255-0619

Commuter and Parking Services    
Holly Mason
116 Maple Ave; 607-255-4600

Cornell Health (Care Managers)
Joy Weber
Cornell Health, Level 3; 607-254-8949

Dawn Plue
Cornell Health, level 7; 607-255-7493

Ann Tucker
Cornell Health, level 5; 607-254-8985

Office of Academic and Diversity Initiatives (OADI)
Steph-Cowling Rich
200 Computing and Communications Center; 607-255-3841

University Libraries    
Debbie Krahmer
239A Ives Hall; 607-254-5257