Summer College

Students studying in summer

If you with to register with SDS, complete the online Disability Self Disclosure and Request for Access Accommodations form. Appropriate documentation must also be submitted which supports your request and eligibility for disability services. Please review our documentation guidelines.

Welcome to Summer College!

Summer College is Cornell's precollege studies program for high school students.

Student Disability Services (SDS) will arrange for the provision of auxiliary aids, assistive technology, and reasonable accommodations for all qualified Summer College (precollege studies) students with documented disabilities, including academic accommodations, accessible campus housing, transportation services, and dietary or dining accommodations and resources.

If you have a disability and require reasonable accommodations for equal access, you will need to register with SDS after you have been accepted by, and committed to attending, Summer College. Review of accommodation requests will begin in late March or early April and continue through the duration of the summer college programs. Some accommodations, such as a specific housing assignment, alternative format textbooks/materials, or sign language interpreters, take advance notice to arrange, so please register with SDS as soon as you have been accepted and committed to attending Summer College. 

Housing Accommodations

The residence halls used for Summer College are comprised of double and single rooms, have hallway access to shared bathrooms, and vary in distance from dining halls and bus stops. None of them have air conditioning (you are permitted to bring fans). If you have a documented medical need for an accessible housing accommodation (such as needing an air conditioning unit to be installed by Cornell Facilities; a single room; access to a strobe alarm; or to be placed near a bathroom, or elevator, or dining hall), you must register with SDS by May 24th to allow for time to do a proper housing placement and/or to install necessary equipment. 

Academic Accommodations

The Summer College (precollege study) programs are three and six week sessions. It is important that you register with SDS and submit appropriate documentation in advance of coming to campus to allow time for SDS to determine eligibility for accommodations and ensure that accommodations are in place at the beginning of the term. Examples of accommodations include: testing accommodations, textbooks in alternate formats, and communication access. Disability services do not include academic coaching or tutoring. Please register with SDS by May 31st to allow appropriate time to make arrangements.

Dining or Dietary Accommodations for Food Allergies or Intolerances

You can work directly with the Campus Life Registered Dietitian to learn about safe dining options and the food labeling systems in dining halls. You do not have to register with SDS for food allergies or intolerances unless other disability services or accommodations are being requested (such as in housing or in an academic settings) or unless student is requesting to have meals specially prepared versus eating off the dining hall lines). To facilitate connecting with the Dietitian, please complete their online Food Allergy and Special Diet Request Form for summer programs.