Summer College

Students studying in summer

To start the process: complete the online Disability Self Disclosure Form. You can also submit supporting documentation about the impact of your condition at that time. Please review our documentation guidelines.

Welcome to Summer College!

Summer College is Cornell's precollege studies program for high school students.

Student Disability Services (SDS) will arrange for the provision of auxiliary aids, assistive technology, and reasonable accommodations for all qualified Summer College (precollege studies) students with documented disabilities, including academic accommodations, accessible campus housing, transportation services, and dietary or dining accommodations and resources.

If you have a disability need accommodations, you will need to register with SDS after you have been accepted by, and committed to attending, Summer College.

Review of accommodation requests will begin in late March or early April and continue through the duration of the summer college programs. Some accommodations, such as alternative format textbooks/materials, or sign language interpreters, take advance notice to arrange, so please register with SDS as soon as you have been accepted and committed to attending Summer College. 

Academic Accommodations

It is important that you register with SDS before the start of your program to allow time for SDS to determine eligibility for accommodations and ensure that accommodations are in place at the beginning of the term.

Examples of accommodations include: testing accommodations, textbooks in alternate formats, and communication access. Disability services do not include academic coaching or tutoring.

Please register with SDS by May 31st to allow appropriate time to make arrangements.