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Student Disability Services

On-Line Requests

For Students Registered with SDS


Disability Self-Disclosure and Request for Access Accommodations

Newly Admitted Students: Please use the on-line form available starting on or around April 1 at Select whether you are a first-year, transfer or graduate or professional student. All required and optional forms are found by clicking the "To Do List" link. On the "To Do List" page, click on the "Disability Self-Disclosure" link to complete and submit the form. This form is available until August 15. If no longer available, use the form for Current Cornell Students (below).

Current Cornell students who wish to register with SDS (not for incoming students): Disability Self-Disclosure and Request for Access Accommodations Form (PDF) or Fill-in PDF

Summer College students: Request for Disability Services and Accommodations Form for Summer College (PDF)

Medical Documentation of Physical, Medical or Sensory Disabilities

This form should be used when requests for specific academic, housing, dining, or transportation accommodations are based on a medical, physical or sensory (hearing, visual) condition.

Request for Modification to the SDS Accommodation Plan

This Request for Modification to the SDS Accommodation Plan Form (PDF) is for use by students who are requesting a modification or service that is not included in the Student Accommodation Plan.

Assistive Technology Intake Form

If you are eligible to receive accessible course material as an accommodation, please complete this form. This form should be completed and returned to our office prior to your meeting with the coordinator of the Alternate Media Resource Center.

Inclement Weather Questionnaire

This voluntary form for students with mobility impairments will assist the university in prioritizing snow and ice removal on campus during winter months.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

This voluntary form is for students who will need assistance in evacuating from campus buildings during emergencies. You should complete this with an SDS staff member.