Planning for Accessibility

It is important that Cornell is accessible to all its students, visitors, guests, staff, and faculty. Members of the Cornell community should make sure that the events that they host, and their website information, is accessible to all.

General information about accessibility of campus, including information for visitors to campus, can be found on Cornell's Accessibility Information website.


Accessibility is not just about physical access anymore. It can include making sure events, meetings, and courses are accessible to individuals with visual, hearing, learning, and chronic medical disabilities, too. Planning for access starts from the moment of conception and planners should consider each step of a person’s involvement with your event or course. Can someone with a visual disability access the registration or sign-up information? Can someone who will need specific accommodations easily know from advertisements who to contact to make the arrangements? If the event is outside, is it being planned for a wheelchair accessible location? These considerations and many more require thoughtful proactive planning but will ensure a much smoother and inclusive experience for all involved later.

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Web Accessibility

Cornell University is committed to making our websites accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Creating web pages that are accessible by all users is just good practice and not as difficult as one may think. 

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