COVID-Related Accommodation Requests

Request Procedure 

Report your positive test result (if not tested through Cornell).

If you had tested positive through a Cornell test, or notified Cornell of a positive test, watch your email for follow up communication.

Notifications to Instructors 

You will be sent a verification letter that you will need to forward to your instructors and student services office. Please watch your email for it. You should receive it within one business day. The letter will include some suggestions for instructors about ways they can accommodate you during this time. 

After forwarding the letter to your instructors, follow up with them to finalize arrangements. 

Cornell Law students: forward the message only to the Law School Dean of Students,, and not to your instructors. Coordinate with the Dean of Students office to finalize arrangements.

What Accommodations Will I Receive?

You must follow-up directly with your instructors to discuss the accommodations that can be made to support your ability to meet course learning outcomes. Instructors will determine the temporary accommodations most appropriate for their course. What is arranged will vary from class to class. 

Instructors are not required to provide remote access to students who cannot attend class. For the majority of classrooms, remote access is not an option. Instead, instructors may, for example, choose to use lapel mic recorders to capture audio recordings to accompany other course materials. Course instructors want you to remain engaged and have access to course materials, and they will determine the most appropriate and feasible way to help you stay on track based on the nature of their course. 

We recommend you stay in regular contact with your instructors, course staff, and your student services office during your isolation period.

Cornell Law students: Coordinate with the Dean of Students office to finalize accommodation arrangements; do not coordinate with instructors.

What if I Need Additional Accommodations? 

Contact Cornell Health to discuss extending the dates on your verification letter. 

If you have concerns about keeping up with course content with the arranged accommodations, contact your student services office for support.

If you are experiencing long COVID symptoms and want to discuss accommodation options, please complete a Self-Disclosure Form and we can follow up with you.


Please refer to the Cornell’s COVID website and the guidance on the Cornell Health website.

You can also contact Cornell Health.