COVID-Related Accommodation Requests

Am I Eligible? 

You may submit a request for COVID-related accommodations for any of the following reasons: 

  • Tested positive for COVID-19 and/or are in isolation 
  • Are quarantining due to exposure, symptoms, or other requirements of Cornell Health, Tompkins County Health Department, or your local health department
  • Have a medical condition that increases your risk of serious illness from COVID-19 
  • Have another high-risk factor, as defined by the CDC (e.g., age, obesity, pregnancy) 
  • Have a health condition, mental health condition, or disability that you believe is affected by COVID-19 

Request Procedure 

We may approve a wide range of COVID-19 related accommodations. Appropriate accommodations are based on your individual situation. This is something we can discuss with you. Here is how to request: 

Option 1:

If you are being seen by or have been in contact with Cornell Health for any of the above reasons, you can ask them to release information to our office and/or give permission for our office to notify your instructors of a temporary need for academic flexibility. We will then send follow up communication by email.  

Option 2:

You can start the process by submitting a Disability Self-Disclosure Form and providing information about your situation and its impact. We will send follow up communication to your Cornell email address. 

Notifications to Instructors 

If you are ill, are in isolation, or need to quarantine (at the direction of Cornell Health or your local health department), we can send notification to your instructors regarding your need to have academic flexibility during this time. Follow one of the request processes outlined above. 

This letter is the same as we would use for a student with another temporary condition and does not disclose your diagnosis or condition. We do not release that kind of information to instructors. 

What if I Need Additional Accommodations? 

If you have already followed one of the two request processes above and need additional or different accommodations, or may need accommodations longer than 14 days, email us at: