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Student Disability Services

Using Bookshare

Students registered with SDS are eligible to receive a free Bookshare account. Bookshare is an online repository of digital text. They have over 250,000 titles that are available in Daisy and Braille formats. Students who are interested in learning more about Bookshare should contact Cyrus Hamilton at, or visit

What are the benefits of using Bookshare?

  • Instant download of available text
  • No need to submit request forms to SDS, or show proof of purchase
  • Hear and see highlighted words on the screen
  • Read directly from an Internet browser
  • Access to free text to speech software

Is Bookshare Right for Me?

Watch this short introduction to Bookshare to find out if Bookshare is right for you. Signing up for Bookshare is easy, and can be done by contacting Student Disability Services.


Already Have a Bookshare Account?