Cornell University encourages students with food allergies and gluten intolerance to be self-advocates in managing their dietary conditions. By registering with Student Disability Services (SDS), the student and SDS can identify the appropriate campus referrals for notification and assistance with dietary management. Students who use Cornell Dining venues will be referred to the Cornell Dining Dietitian, who will assist with addressing the dietary concerns of the student at Cornell Dining venues. There is always the possibility of accidental exposure to foods which may result in an allergic reaction. This risk can be greatly reduced on campus when we (students and the university) work together to manage the risk. 

Student’s Actions 

  • Register with Student Disability Services
  • Submit appropriate medical documentation supporting need for dietary accommodations 
  • Complete a Food Allergy and Intolerance Notification Form (pdf) and submit to SDS. 
  • Provide copies of the completed Food Allergy and Intolerance Notification Form to university faculty and staff, as appropriate (e.g., athletic coaches, instructors in courses where food is present or served, employers). 
  • Meet with the Cornell Dining Dietitian to discuss allergy/dietary restrictions (if using Cornell Dining venues). 
  • Complete the Food Accommodation Agreement with the Cornell Dining Dietitian. Meet with Cornell Dining Chef and/or Management as deemed necessary by Dietitian. 
  • Be proficient in the self-management of the allergic condition including: 
    • Wear a medical alert ID 
    • Avoid unsafe foods 
    • Recognize symptoms of allergic reactions 
    • Inform fellow students, faculty or staff of an allergy-related emergency 
    • Know how to properly use medications to treat an allergic reaction 
    • Carry necessary prescribed medications at all times 
  • Inform SDS, or the Cornell Dining Dietitian at 607-254-2389, if a reaction has occurred or if any access barriers are encountered while engaging in dining and dietary plan. 
  • Inform SDS or the Cornell Dining Dietitian if the plan that has been established does not work so that problems can be resolved in a timely manner. 

University’s Actions 

  • SDS will provide information to students on how to inform appropriate campus contacts of the allergy condition and the potential need for emergency treatment. 
  • SDS will refer student to the Cornell Dining Dietitian. 
  • SDS and the Cornell Dining Dietitian will provide information to appropriate residential and food venue staff regarding food allergies that can result in an emergency. 
  • SDS and the Cornell Dining Dietitian will review food management plan with student if reaction is reported (Note: not all dining venues on campus are operated by Cornell Dining). 
  • SDS and the Cornell Dining Dietitian will check on student periodically to evaluate dietary plan and need for any changes to best accommodate needs.