Housing & Dining

When in doubt about whether an issue is disability-related, please call 607-254-4545 to talk to, or arrange to meet with, an SDS counselor.

Disability has the potential to intersect with impact many aspects of university life beyond the classroom. Student Disability Services (SDS) will work with you with accessing appropriate accommodations to be able to have equitable access.


In collaboration with the undergraduate and graduate housing coordinators, the SDS staff will identify housing options to address your disability-specific access needs once registered with SDS. A disability is defined as an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Disability documentation must be provided that establishes a direct link between the disabling condition and the requested housing accommodation.

Reasonable and appropriate accommodations depend on the disability, the available housing options, and the steps necessary to create equal access for one's living situation. Requested accommodations will not be granted if deemed unreasonable or if appropriate alternate accommodations are readily available.

Examples of housing accommodations include:

  • a wheelchair accessible room
  • a ground floor room and/or to be placed in a building with an elevator
  • a room with access to a private or low-use shared bathroom
  • installation of strobe alarms
  • a room that has air filtration and/or air conditioning

If you have a qualifying disability under Section 504/ADA and are approved for housing accommodations, under this policy, you will not be charged for such accommodations. The room rates charged will be determined by SDS and the Housing Office on a case-by-case basis.

Remember to complete the Cornell Housing Application as well. You can indicate room type and building preferences on your housing application.

To learn more about the process for requesting housing accommodations for a disability, visit our Housing page.


Cornell University encourages students with food allergies and special dietary requirements to be self-advocates in managing their dietary conditions. By registering with SDS, we can help you with campus referrals for notification and assistance with dietary management. 

Cornell Dining offers a variety of foods that are gluten-free. If you require a gluten-free diet, you do not need to register with SDS unless you are unable to eat off the line in dining halls and require specific meal preparations or arrangements.

To learn more about the process for requesting dining accommodations for a disability, visit our Dining page.