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Students Experiencing Educational Difficulty

Students who think they have a disability that interferes with their learning, or students who are having difficulty with learning and are looking for information or guidance, are encouraged to meet with SDS to let us help explore the possibilities. This can happen at any time throughout one's Cornell career.

Specific learning issues that students may experience include:

  • Trouble with completing writing assignments (production of information, spelling, proof reading, grammar)
  • Trouble with keeping up with reading assignments or remembering what they read
  • Trouble with understanding textbooks and other readings
  • Not experiencing a correlation between effort spent studying and performance on tests
  • Not having enough time to complete examinations or trouble with specific types of tests (i.e., multiple-choice, essay)
  • Receiving poorer than expected grades
  • Subject-specific problems in math, science, and/or foreign languages
  • Feeling constantly overwhelmed with their academic workload

If you find yourself struggling with any of these issues, please call our office at 607-254-4545 to make a half-hour intake appointment. We will gather information from you about how you learn and study. Together we may choose to go through the educational screening process to determine whether additional evaluation may be warranted. (Information on the Educational Screening process is available in PDF format: Educational Screenings.)

Please note that there is currently no place on the Cornell campus where one can receive a comprehensive evaluation for learning disabilities or ADHD. Anyone wishing to pursue such an evaluation will need to be referred to an off-campus evaluator. Please contact SDS at 607-254-4545 to arrange to meet with an SDS counselor to discuss the referral process.

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