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Planning for Advanced Standardized Exams

Students with documented disabilities who have received academic accommodations while at Cornell may be eligible to receive accommodations on examinations that are required by various advanced degree programs. Documentation requirements for these programs are quite stringent. Please check the web site for the exam you expect to take.

At the very least, SDS will provide students with a letter to the testing agency that confirms their status as registered with SDS, the accommodations that were granted, and the period covered during which accommodations were used. Requests for this should be made directly to the student's counselor via email.

NOTE: For exam applications that include forms to be completed by Student Disability Services, Cornell SDS personnel will complete the form requesting accommodations ONLY IF our files contain the documentation required by the testing agency.

Many testing organizations require current documentation. If you need new documentation, plan accordingly. Psychoeducational testing could take 6-8 weeks or more to obtain. Other types of documentation may take less time.

For examinations not listed here, visit the Cornell Career Services web site at for test dates and relevant web sites of additional graduate entrance and professional exams.

If you're not sure if your documentation meets the requirements of the testing organization for the exam you want to take, one of our counselors will over your SDS records with you. Please make an appointment by calling 607-254-4545.