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Policies & Procedures

Laptop Loan Procedure

(available in PDF format: Laptop Loan Guidelines)

Laptops are available to be borrowed for exam purposes by students who have been granted computer access for exams as an accommodation by Student Disability Services (SDS). Reservations for laptops must be made at least 5 business days in advance of scheduled exam.

Laptops are intended to be used for one exam, and to be picked up on the day of the exam. Using a single laptop for multiple exams, or picking up a laptop on a different day than the exam is scheduled is not allowed without prior approval by SDS. Permission may be requested by contacting our office at A decision will be conveyed via e-mail to the student within 2 business days.

The person reserving the laptop (either the student, TA, instructor, or course administrator) may do so by using the online form on our website at /Forms/index.html or in person at our office located at 420 Computing and Communications Center.

Equipment is due back in the SDS office no later than the next business day following the exam. Requests for extending the check-out period must be made at the time of reservation.

If the borrowed equipment is not returned by the due date, or if it is returned in damaged condition, a hold may be placed on the student’s record by the University Registrar preventing him or her from enrolling in courses, registering with the University or obtaining transcripts until the matter is resolved. The matter may also be referred to the Judicial Administrator.

Laptops have Microsoft Office Suite installed and wireless internet capabilities have been disabled. Students who require internet access for an exam must have the instructor submit this in writing at least 2 business days before the laptop is needed. An email to from the instructor or other course supervisor will also be accepted.

Each laptop comes with a battery charger and a USB drive. While we make every attempt to make sure each laptop has a USB drive, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure they have the ability to transfer files from the computer. Files left on the laptop are subject to deletion.