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Other Accommodations

Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodations are determined by Student Disability Services (SDS) based upon disability documentation and available housing options. For policies and procedures regarding housing, please visit our Housing Accommodations Procedures page.

  • Returning students who wish to live on campus again for the next (2017-2018) academic year must apply to live on campus again through the Housing Office’s online application that goes live in late January. If they anticipate needing disability related housing accommodations again, they must request this through their SDS Counselor. To learn more about the on-campus housing application and disability accommodations request process including important events and deadlines, please review our 2017-2018 SDS Guide to Applying for On-Campus Housing and Requesting a Housing Disability Accommodation.
  • Newly admitted students: please be sure to submit the housing application form on the new students' website once it becomes available in addition to submitting the disability self-disclosure form on our website.
  • Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Accommodations:
    A student requesting the use of an ESA in campus housing must follow the guidelines (pdf) for requesting an ESA.

Dietary Accommodations

SDS assists students with severe food allergies and special dietary restrictions necessitated by a medical condition by:

  • Providing the appropriate referral in Cornell Dining and Retail Services (DRS) to assist the student with identifying food ingredients in specific DRS venues and substituting menu items to ensure proper nutrition (when necessary).
  • Developing a plan which will include how to notify relevant faculty, staff and students of your condition and the potential for a medical emergency.

Cornell Dining offers a variety of foods that are gluten-free. Students who require gluten-free diets do not need to register with SDS if the only needed accommodations pertain to dining.

For more information on managing food allergies and dietary restrictions on campus, including the process for seeking disability related dietary accommodations, please visit our Dietary Accommodations page.