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Academic Accommodations

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are determined by Student Disability Services based upon disability documentation, academic history and information provided by the student. SDS may solicit expert opinions from a variety of campus resources for help in determining appropriate academic accommodations. Accommodations are tailored to the individual to eliminate barriers caused by the disability in order to afford equal access and opportunity to academic programs and services.

Examples of frequently used accommodations include:

  • testing modifications (e.g., extended time, quiet location, use of a computer)
  • adaptive technology
  • removing physical barriers
  • print material in alternative formats (Braille, e-text, enlarged print)

The procedure for registering with Student Disability Services is described on the Disability Self-Disclosure and Request for Access Accommodations Form. This online form is found on the SDS website here:

An important step in the registration process for disability services is the determination of an accommodation plan, which is agreed upon by an SDS counselor and the student. Every semester students must use the procedures in place for requesting academic accommodations which can be found at Procedures for Using Academic Accommodations.

Please Note: The disability accommodation process for Law School students is available in the Law School Student Handbook at