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Academic Accommodations

Print Material in Alternate Formats

The term "E-text" refers to electronic files of print media that can be converted, as needed by the student, to Braille, audio recording, or large print, or can be burned onto a CD/DVD for use with screen reading software. When a student qualifies for alternate text format as an accommodation, SDS will provide the student with an E-text version of their textbooks and other academic materials. If needed, SDS will convert the E-text into Braille.  Students can also access Assistive Technology Centers on campus, where they can convert the E-text document themselves into the format that works best for them. Students receiving e-text are required by New York State to purchase textbooks that are converted to E-text.

For information on how to obtain alternate format materials, see Procedures Regarding Print Media in Alternate Formats (E-Text).